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Tiny Guide to Zurich — Kreis 5 edition

Frau Gerolds Garten, Zurich

Frau Gerolds Garten, Zurich

I didn’t know much about Zürich before visiting, and had very few pre-conceptions, which was quite refreshing. We stayed in the old industrial area of Kreis 5 which is quite frankly, a graphic designer’s dream. The beautiful old railway bridge had been redeveloped and transformed into Im Viadukt — home to a host of indie shops, eateries and community venues.

Next to a very decent park – Josefsweise – this whole area has a lovely community feel. We spent a leisurely morning brunching at Restaurant Viadukt, sampling some pretty awesome pancakes and chain-drinking espressos. We made the mistake of thinking we could pop back on a Sunday for a bit of browsing in the great selection of indie shops – it turns out Sunday is still a day of rest in Switzerland, so if you’re on a weekender, get your retail therapy in on the Saturday.

Like a bunch of other industrial cities, Zürich has embraced ‘shipping container chic’ with the utterly charming urban garden Frau Gerolds Garten. We stopped by for drinks in the early evening, and sipped as the sun went down. Lovely stuff. Positioned beside the railway, I got over-excited about the bundles of overhead wires, which ultimately inspired my Tiny Guide Zurich print. Mixed in with fairy lights, street art, cushions, greenery and a bath of plants (of course) this is a great place to hang out for relaxed food and drinks, and full of opportunities to test out your camera.

I’m not sure why exactly, but Zürich seemed to have exceptional pancakes. Yum. One place we sampled more of these fluffy goodies was in Café Lang – a beautiful haven of dark wood and tiles. It was also one of the places open on a Sunday morning which was extremely helpful. For this reason (plus the fact that its lovely) meant that it was pretty busy on a Sunday morning. We waited at the coffee bar with more espressos while we waited for a table. It might be an idea to book if you decide to go. I loved it here. The staff were really friendly, the food was delicious and they had super-swank toilets – which is always a bonus in my book.

We seemed to be drawn to wood panelling on this trip and Restaurant Josef was another beauty. Ambient lighting and 70s film posters gave it a great atmosphere. The food looked good, but we’d eaten already, so we hung out near the long bar with an Aperol. Another place with lovely staff and a relaxed feel. I was having a right nice time so forgot to take any pictures – tragique.

Tiny Guide to Zürich – Kreis 5 edition. Limited edition of 100

Tiny Guide to Zürich – Kreis 5 edition. Limited edition of 100

The Tiny Guide to Zürich was born out of this area. The shapes and typography are inspired by the shapes in the viaduct, the line-work from the crazy wires overhead and the neon pink from the many posters that adorned the walls during our stay.

You can get your own limited edition print from the Dotto print shop.
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