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Quarantine / Meet The Neighbours

Quarantine is an ensemble of artists and producers. Their project Meet The Neighbours is a collaboration between between Quarantine, Manchester, UK; La Comédie de Béthune, France; Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland; Grand Theatre, Groningen, Netherlands; and LE 18, Marrakech, Morocco. It explores what ‘the public’ actually means today.

The wordmark and visual style was inspired by the peeks through blinds and glimpses through doorways giving you an insight into the lives of your neighbours. A hint… without the full picture. Until you’re invited in. This was developed into a piece of promotional print — a bespoke die-cut A6 folder containing 6 postcards introducing the project and highlighting each of the partners. Printed on Keaycolour Sequoia, Indian Yellow and Particles Snow.

Alongside the visual identity and print, we created the website. This needed to feel visually in sync whilst conveying lots of information. It also needed to be easily updatable by the MTN partners. We developed a series of template pages featuring the peek style images used throughout the creative work. Alongside this we added extra details such as an animated timeline and illustrated icons of each of the five parters.

Work included
Brand identity and visual style
Printed marketing

Design by Dotto
Web development by Cotton

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